Shocking revelations about the most mysterious and powerful societies in the world

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Many conspiracyists believe that secret societies with mysterious modes of operation are plotting to manipulate and dominate the world.

Bilderberg Club: Founded in 1954, this secret society includes famous figures such as former US President Bill Clinton, billionaire Bill Gates or Prince Charles. The purpose of this mysterious club is to create a dialogue forum between political leaders, scholars and business executives to ensure a good and cooperative relationship between North America and the EU. . Bilderberg conference participants can freely use the information, but the names of the speakers must be kept confidential.
Bohemian Club: This secret society founded in 1872 includes a group of powerful and wealthy people meeting at the Bohemian Grove forest in late July. This forest is located in northern California, USA and is home to cities. The member sits in a tent or a small room discussing various issues. Because the Bohemian club has many powerful figures in attendance, there is speculation that here, the elite will determine the direction of the United States. However, maybe this is just a place for them to relax and relax.
Freemasonry: Since its founding in 1717, covering Freemasonry is a mystery. This secret society focuses on 3.6 million members around the world and is believed to be seeking to establish a new world order. Some famous people participating in Freemasonry are George Washington, Richard Pryor, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire and Harry Houdini.
Knight Malta: Born in 1048, the Knights of Malta are one of the most mysterious and most paper-intensive societies. This organization was formed to take care of pilgrims to Jerusalem and protect the Holy Land. Currently the Knights of Malta have more than 13,000 members and receive funding from 120 countries around the world. The secretariat also has a number of well-known members such as Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra, Henry A. Kissinger and Frank Capra.
Ku Klux Klan: This is a secret society founded by US Army Confederate Union Army officer Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1866, advocating the promotion of superior white theory and anti-African Americans, anti-import Residential and Catholic lesson. Although today, this secret society has disintegrated but there are still some sporadic groups of activities.
Rosicrucians (Rose Cross Society): Founded in the early 17th century, this secret society consists of those seeking esoteric knowledge from ancient times. Today, Rosicrucians include those who study the metaphysical rules governing the universe. Celebrities in this secret organization include Isaac Newton, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Skull and Bones: The oldest and most prestigious club in Yale University, Skull and Bones members include Presidents, Wall Street bankers, and stand people. head of judicial agencies and the CIA founder. Some conspiracy theories are that this secret society is a branch of Illuminati and has an ambition to dominate the world. This secret society born in 1832 focuses on a number of characters such as George H.W. Bush, John Kerry, William F. Buckley and Paul Giamatti.
Illuminati (Enlightenment Association): The full name is Bavarian Illuminati, this secret society operates only for a decade (from 1776 – 1785). Illuminati was founded by German Law Professor Adam Weishaupt – a strong believer in Enlightenment thoughts. Widely known in Dan Brown’s famous novel “Da Vinci Code”, the Illuminati is said to have the purpose of manipulating and controlling world affairs in order to create a new World Order and achieve power and political influence. Some conspiracyists believe that the Illuminati are comprised of people behind “pulling” most important events in the world such as the Battle of Waterloo, the French Revolution and the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. .
Seven Society: This secret society was founded in the early 20th century with known characters such as Bull Halsey Admiral, CIA officer Frank Wisner. The identity of the members of the guild will not be revealed until after death, a black magnolia with a figure like 7 is placed on the grave of the deceased. The purpose of Seven Society is for humanitarian purposes as well as fundraising to improve the learning environment at the University of Virginia.
Scroll and Key: Yale University is home to many secret societies and Scroll and Key is one of the most prestigious organizations here. Not only is the secret society with the second oldest history, Scroll and Key is also Yale’s richest society. Members of this mysterious organization are quite limited when only 15 people are admitted each year. Some known members of Scroll and Key include Dean Acheson, Cyrus Vance, Sargent Shriver, Fareed Zakaria and Cole Porter.

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