Eliminating allies, Europe imposes a 35 billion Euro tax on American goods

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The European Union (EU) has warned that it will impose additional duties on € 35 billion worth of goods imported from the US if Washington raises taxes on cars imported from Europe.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on July 23 that the bloc was considering imposing additional duties on goods worth 35 billion euros (39 billion dollars) imported from the US if Washington raised taxes on cars. slightly imported from Europe, Sputnik reported.

Speaking to the European Parliament in Brussels, Malmstrom said “not accepting any commercial activity under management, imposing export quotas or restraints” and “if taxed, we have a name books to respond “.

The warning was given by Malmstrom in the context of a limited trade agreement between Europe and the US falling into a deadlock. EU officials confirmed that the measures are now on the table and waiting to be applied.

Trade tensions between the US and EU friendly allies approached last year, after President Trump imposed a 25% tax on steel and 10% with aluminum imported from many EU countries, why did it threaten a 25% taxation? for imported cars, light trucks, trucks, multipurpose sports cars (SUVs) and accessories from the EU.

Europe expressed anger at the sanctions imposed on aluminum and steel and announced many measures to retaliate. The EU said that if the 25% tax imposed on cars was announced, that would affect Europe’s car and car export value of 47 billion (53 billion USD).

According to the European Commission, the 25% tax rate will increase the cost of an EU-produced car by an additional 10,000 euros (US $ 11,300) in the US market. That’s not acceptable.

In a statement on July 23, Malmstrong also accused the United States of refusing to push for talks.

“It’s not the way we do business, certainly not the way our partners, friends and allies have been treating each other for a long time,” said Malmstrong, who said not too long ago. US demand for high tariffs on EU goods.

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