Case MH370: Investigator revealed 3 reasons for the captain’s “obsessed” but did not commit suicide

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The captain in charge of the missing aircraft with the number MH370 Zaharie Shah may be obsessed with flying, but he did not deliberately commit suicide, announcing it.

The Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft leaves Kuala Lumpur airport on March 8, 2014 to Beijing with 227 passengers on board and 12 crew members. Radar data showed that the jet suddenly changed direction and returned to Malaysia before turning south to Penang, then the South Indian Ocean.

After more than 5 years missing, the fate of MH370 is still a mystery. In 2016, Australian officials confirmed that Shah had practiced a flight of simulated equipment, causing the plane to disappear. Some theories suggest that Captain Zaharie Shah performed a suicide mission. However, air crash investigator Christine Negroni recently stated in The Detash Crect Detectives that Mr. Shah was really obsessed with flying but he did not deliberately commit suicide.

Negroni wrote: “Those in the cockpit, Ahmad Shah Zahrie, have a 33-year work experience, going through 18,000 flight hours.” After that, she emphasized three other clues that proved how Shah liked to fly. “Mr. Zararie has spent a lot of time to fly the flight simulator made by himself. He was so excited about the activity that he even made videos and posted them on his Facebook page, giving advice and guidance to other emulator enthusiasts. ”

“Is the obsession too big? You might think so when I said that he also owns and drives radio-controlled airplanes, “Negroni added, giving her own theory of what happened, asserting not to blame. Captain on the disappearance.

“My hypothesis is an electrical accident that knocked down the systems on the Boeing 777 and the cockpit dropped pressure, losing the pilot’s ability to perceive. However, whatever happens, it is not enough to cause serious damage immediately, affecting the aircraft’s airlift ability because MH370 flew until the fuel ran out for hours after that “, Investigator explained.

“It is possible, the cockpit pilots to cope with altitude sickness is often called hypoxia, making them unable to continue to think clearly and land safely aircraft,” Negroni added.

This idea is just one of hundreds of hypotheses that have been made in the last 5 years. Some people said the plane was attacked by terrorists or via remote network attacks. While more bizarre ideas suggest that MH370 itself is a bomb because carrying 5 tons of mangosteen and 221kg of lithium-ion battery.

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