England restaurant is controversial because calling cappuccino is ‘foam coffee’

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Instead of an Americano cup, the bar in England also asks guests to call it “black coffee”.

A cafe in the coastal town of Poole, located in the county of Dorset, southwest of England is becoming the focus of debate with more than 400 commenters. The cause comes from a sign that explains the famous coffee types on the market today.

Accordingly, the shop suggested that guests call an Americano cup “black coffee”, Flat White means “white coffee”, Cappuccino is “foam coffee”, Latte is “milk coffee”, Mocha is “accompanied coffee chocolate “. Hot tea and chocolate are called “not coffee”. The owner said, how to change the name helps customers know what kind of drink they call including what to choose correctly.

The controversial billboard of a restaurant in England.

However, this menu was criticized by many coffee connoisseurs. “I will never drink coffee from someone who has no knowledge in this area,” one said. “This sign is like you enter a restaurant and read a menu of terrestrial animal meat, underwater animal meat, and heavenly animal meat.”

Many tourists advocate the restaurant and think that people are overdoing it: “It’s just another way of calling, we don’t have to criticize so hard.”

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