The most famous ‘national shrimp noodle’ in Singapore

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A bowl of shrimp noodles in Singapore includes big yellow noodles with young ribs, fresh shrimps, raw vegetables and rich broth.

Not only Hainanese chicken rice, chili crab sauce or frog porridge, Singapore cuisine is also remembered by the shrimp noodles. “Shrimp noodles here are as popular as noodle soup or beef vermicelli in Vietnam, especially loved by the islanders,” said Cindy Tuyen Phan, a Vietnamese-speaking Singapore guide.

Meals include fresh shrimp, small ribs and noodles.

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House is one of Singapore’s most famous shrimp noodle shops along the east coast of the island nation. The restaurant is always crowded with people going in and out, diners are mostly local people.

The main menu of the restaurant is shrimp noodles with 4 options at price: 6 SGD (103,000 VND), 9 SGD (155,000 VND), 12 SGD (206,000 VND) and 50 SGD (860,000 VND). The price of each bowl is equivalent to the number and size of the shrimp. The most expensive bowl consists of 4 half big shrimps.

According to the store owner, a bowl of shrimp noodles with the right taste of Singapore includes: the broth is cooked from the shrimp head, pork bone according to the traditional recipe; 2/3 is fresh, big yellow noodles, one third is white rice vermicelli, small fiber; young ribs are soft stewed; Chives and fresh shrimps were prepared.

In particular, carefully selected fresh shrimp then split into two and processed. Meat white shrimp, sweet and tough, permeable in broth. Shrimp is sliced ​​so diners can easily peel and enjoy. Each bowl has about 5 young ribs, two finger-sized, soft and bold.

Although the main ingredient is shrimp, the new broth is the highlight of the special flavor of noodles. The broth is golden brown, naturally sweet, no feeling of being fat, no more. The taste of Singapore shrimp noodles is somewhat similar to Chinese cuisine but less oily. Singaporeans often mix a little bit of soy sauce, chili sauce to add noodles to taste.

Jasmainea Lee, a Korean female visitor, said: “This is definitely the best shrimp noodles I have ever eaten in Singapore. Except for long queues, the service time here is fast and professional. You should come early or avoid rush hour. “

In addition to traditional noodles, diners can choose some more dishes such as tofu, crab stick, beef …

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House is open from 7 am to 4 pm weekdays, except Tuesday. From the city center, visitors can take the subway to Joo Chiat station, then Take a taxi or bus to East Coast Road to find a restaurant.

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